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Building Trust for the Internet of Things by Leveraging Blockchain

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Ubirch is a blockchain based trust infrastructure for (IoT) data. It is a solution for ensuring the integrity and authenticity at the packet level of data communication. Additionally, with the integration into common blockchain technology, temporal integrity of data is guaranteed.


The Ubirch solution consists of a number of components:

all of them are documented with the developer pages.

The individual components enable customer infrastructure to “seal” data packets, send these packets over secured or unsecured transmission channels without compromising integrity and use the simple cloud services to verify integrity, order, omission or duplication and authenticity of individual data packets or streams.

About Ubirch GmbH

Founded in 2014, ubirch has offices in Cologne, Berlin and Munich, where it services global customers. Named “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, ubirch is a market leader in IoT security leveraging Blockchain. Find out more at

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