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A collection of concepts, documentation and tutorials to make your IoT device data trustworthy.

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Cloud Services

The ubirch cloud services are provided through a backend portal and number of APIs that allow the registration of keys, verification of data and seals and accessing and forwarding of data of your data.

Development Portal

Registration & Visualization The portal can be used to see registered devices, visualized data for supported payloads and development information to stream and retrieve data from the cloud services.

Device List

The developer portal lists devices the user has access to. It allows the setting configuration parameters abd visualizes data received.

device list

Data Visualization

The data visualization displays the received data and a graph of data points that are known.

device view

Developer Information

Use the developer information to set up the devices. The information is necessary to access the ubirch cloud services, but also to verify responses from the ubirch cloud services on the devices. Please see our examples for details.

developer information


To start development, please follow these steps to register with the ubirch cloud services:

1. Visit

2. Klick register in the top right menu.

register link

3. Select the service to register through:

regQister using service

4. Wait for the activation of your account.

await registration

5. Login:

After logging in the developer cloud services are ready to be used. Check the developer info.


Please register before using any of the APIs below.

While some of the endpoints accept JSON data, it is recommended to use the msgpack. variant. The byte oriented msgpack format prevents issues when creating the data hash and signatures of the data packets.