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Ubirch Console

The Ubirch Console provides browser based user interface for a couple of functions that allow the registration and management of things/devices, which are running the Ubirch Nano Client.

If you don’t want to use an UI, check the Ubirch Trust Service REST API documentation.

Register and Login

Klick the Register link on the login page and register with the required information. register

Login using your created account. login


After a successful login you will see the Home screen, showing you some basic information like the number of your active devices. home


The Things screen will list your active things and enable you, to add devices. things

Add Things

Click the Add New Device button to add a new thing to the system. add things

You can add multiple things at once, by adding the IDs comma seperated. add many things

If successful you will see a confirmation. add things ok add many things ok

And all the devices will show up in your list. things list

And the things counter on the home screen will be updated. home count

If adding the devices fails, you will see the following error. add things nok

Delete Things

Things can be deleted from the system in the things list view (or the Things Detail View), by clicking the delete button and again confirming with a click on the delete button in the confirmation pop up. del thing from list

View Things Details

By clicking a thing in the things list view you will get to the things detail view. Here you can change and save the description of a thing, delete the thing selected and view the API configuration (apiConfig) for this thing. things detail view


You can log out by clicking the logout button in the main menu and confirming your logout request. logout

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